Rabu, 17 September 2008

A Short History of the Weblog

A Short History of the Weblog
To me, the blog concept is about three things: Frequency, Brevity, and
Personality. (..) This clarification has evolved over time, but I realized early on
that what was significant about blogs was the format -- not the content. (Evan
Williams, creator of Pyra and blogger.com)
The Weblog is as old as the Web itself (see Blood 2002). It began when computer savvy web
designers and energetic web enthusiasts wanted to record their wanderings though
Cyberspace. These individuals collected links and posted them on frequently updated sites
that resemble what most know as a home web page, or its cousin the What's New page.
Linked were pages that the web savvy thought others may be interested in, but had not found
in their own on-line travels. Originally, pages were kept by those that knew how to design
websites. Weblogs were somewhat difficult to maintain as one needed to code or use HTML
each time the site was updated. These pages often contained links with little to no
commentary. These pages were used to filter the web, and were especially useful as the nowpopular
on-line search engines had not yet been developed.